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Keto Diet and Alcohol – I enjoy an evening drink

I felt like I need to write about this topic as I enjoy a wine or two to unwind at the end of a day. I do consciously make that decision to not drink everyday though, as I know that I need to refrain from doing so, because it is not conducive for my Keto goals that I have set for myself and I know it is not an overall healthy choice to make. But I still like my wine. So this logically leads to the question……

What are the Keto friendly alcoholic options?

Here is a list of the most common alcoholic beverages and an indication of the amount of carbs in each. Keep in mind that different brands will vary in their carb levels.

  • Wine – 4 grams
  • Low Carb Beer – 4 grams
  • White Spirits – 0 grams
  • Seltzers – 0 grams
  • Sugar free/Diet Sodas – 0 grams

Ultimately look for the low carb beers, non-sweetened wine and the pure alcohols such as good whiskey, clear spirits including gin, vodka, rum and even a shot or two of tequila.


Drinks to stay away from include cocktails, regular beer, added sweetness, juices and strips and most definitely stay away from the vodka and energy drink mixes


So a drink can be okay but take into consideration

You can see from the abbreviated list that it is not the end of the world to indulge in a beverage or two know and again. The bottom line basically is moderation, choosing the lower carb options and understanding that when we do indulge and increase our carb intake from alcohol that we make sure that we are limiting any carbs from other parts of our diet.

There has been studies showing that drinking regularly and in excess has resulted in weight gain, hindering the fat burning process of a Keto Diet because the body starts to store the extra calories in your body as excess fat tissue.

You may also find that the morning after drinking, that infamous hangover, could be worse.

At the end of the day

We want to be happy too, we want to enjoy ourselves, a diet that is not enjoyable will never last, these are those fade diets, and what we are striving for is a lifestyle, an enjoyable lifestyle and one that doesn’t feel like we are missing out. So do enjoy the odd beverage if you like it, just keep your goals body and health goals in mind and choose the better alcoholic options and drink responsibly.

11 thoughts on “Keto Diet and Alcohol – I enjoy an evening drink

  1. I’ll level with you here – I’m pretty stoked to find out that whisky is on the ‘pro’ list as I do sometimes like a couple at night to unwind, and I find it an excellent sleep aid (not every night mind!). 

    You mention here ‘good’ whisky – are you talking about a good scotch here or the more American-based Bourbon variety? Personally, I’m a scotch man! 

  2. Cheers to this sensible post, this is what I call agreement of want and need. I told my girlfriend one day that drinking doesn’t Intrude on my keto but she didn’t believe me, I’ll share this post to her. Dieting without enjoyment isn’t always fruitful because it won’t last. I like the recommendations you gave concerning the low carb drinks, now I can drink and still be on my keto diet. Thanks for sharing this post, now its clear that we can drink and still keep to our health and body goals. I like it.

    1. Glad to help.  As I am sure you are aware, there are many levels to Ketosis.  Can I ask, do you use any sort of measuring device?  Strips or a breath monitor?  I have jus ordered a new breath monitor and will be doing a blog and review on this once it arrives.

  3. Awesome read Coby! After this I am definitely cutting out my occasional beer and using rum instead. I am better at being a pirate anyways! Here’s to good health and still getting a good drink! -Frizz

  4. Love this! I love my wine and gotta admit that while being on Keto, I just found it easier to just not consume it at all at first. Good point on just making sure you have your body and health goals in mind and to make your decisions taking them into account.
    Thanks for writing this! 🙂

  5. I’ve experimented with drinking alcohol in ketosis before. One or two drinks of wine or hard liqueur without sugar seems to be just fine. One thing I would like to point out that many people react to alcohol very differently when in ketosis. If there is any change you end up drinking more than one or two standard units, be very very careful. You can end up very intoxicated with half of the amount of alcohol you would on a regular diet. To make things worse, I remember reading that it’s possible to reach a life-threatening state if you drink a large amount of alcohol and have zero glycogen in your reserves. This is because alcohol can apparently interfere with gluconeogenesis and your brain always needs some glucose to function. So be safe, don’t binge and beware of the keto hangover. It ain’t fun 😉

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