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Intermittent Fasting for Keto – It’s worked for me

From day dot I started intermittent fasting along with my keto diet, I found it quite easy to adjust as I was already making a change. My mindset and this routine change of fasting did not hit hugely shock me as I thought it would. I read a few articles about the varieties of intermittent fasting for keto and decided to follow the 16:8 rule.

The 16:8 Rule – My routine

Intermittent Fasting following the 16:8 rule encompasses an eating and drinking window of 8 hours and refraining from all calorie intake for the other 16 hours. First thought that comes to mind is that this is crazy, but let’s think for a moment about these time frames. I am going to use myself as an example here;

  • 6am – Wake up – it’s go go go in the house to get the hoard organised and out the door
  • 9am – At work – time flies, lots to do
  • 12pm – Lunch – previously prepared and frozen keto meal or left over dinner
  • 3pm – Snack – nuts
  • 7pm – Dinner – maybe a protein (steak) and a cauliflower/cheese bake
  • Then to bed – Sleep – Repeat

Does this seem a little simple? It looks it I guess. You might also be asking, how can you go from waking up and lasting to lunch without anything to eat?

Well I do have a couple vices that I indulge in at home in the morning.

These two drinks I have every morning and they set me up for the day. The health benefits of Apple Cider Vinegar are numerous and the black coffee contains no carbs, so another perfect drink. I’ll add here also that I used to drink milk with my coffee always but the change to black coffee was actually a nice change, you may be surprised at how much on a coffee connoisseur you become. I know I sometimes miss the odd cappuccino but I now prefer coffee black.

You can buy Organic Apple Cider Vinegar here.

The Benefits

  1. Restricting your eating window and number of meals means less calorie intake
  2. Can boost metabolism leading to weight loss
  3. Assist with getting your body into a state of Ketosis
  4. Potential to decrease the risk of diabetes Diabetes and Keto Research


  1. What happens if you have a dinner party?
  2. Will I try to eat more than normal in my 8 hour window?
  3. Food gives me energy, will I get tired?
  4. Will I stick to my fasting every day for it to work?

All great questions…….questions that I have also asked myself. And honestly, I have on occasions, broken my intermittent fasting for keto routine. The ultimate point here though is the importance to hope back on that fasting train at the next station and then you’ll be back on track in no time.

You Have Options

The 16:8 rule is only one type of intermittent fasting. I haven’t tried any others but this link will give you 7 ways to do intermittent fasting

Anybody that has tried other methods and would like to share their experiences I would love to hear from you as I am sure others would too. I invite you to comment below.

For Me It Has Worked

Intermittent Fasting is an easy way to get started on your diet journey. Choosing the 16:8 rule means finding the window that suits you best for 16 hours of limiting your calorie consumption. This for me is 8pm to 12pm the following day, others may find 5pm to 9am the following day works better for them. The basis is the same with similar or same results. This fasting method has the potential of assisting with your weight loss as well as other health benefits.


Remember, if at anytime you are on a diet and experience issues of any kind please seek medical advice.

15 thoughts on “Intermittent Fasting for Keto – It’s worked for me

  1. Hi Coby,

    I must admit, 16:8 diet routine looks quiet impressive. However, when it comes to implementation of the same it is going to be difficult (especially for me) who eats 3 meals per day. Recently, since past two weeks I have tried a routine wherein I have a heavy breakfast, skip lunch (or if i am hungry, I have a bowl of sprouts) and then have a light dinner. This seems to be working for me, however I will experiment 16:8 rule. Thanks for sharing this post.

    1. If you do eventually give it a go let me know how you feel about it, whether the routine was easy to change to or not. I believe that if you do give it a chance you may find that within a couple days you could adjust. Thanks for the feedback. Healthy living.

  2. I’m one of those that have tried but failed, to be fair I never gave black coffee a chance, mainly because I don’t really like the taste of coffee and tend to be lured over to the flavored gang, but this might be what I’m missing to actually successfully achieve results with IF. Thanks for the informative article!!

    1. If you give IF another go let me know, I would be more than happy to give you help where I can. I will be posting up some of my favourite easy to go to recipes over the next couple of weeks. Thanks for reading.

  3. Hey Coby!
    Love your focus on fasting. I have been doing it a bit for the past ~2 years and have noticed some benefits. One of the biggest for me is simply productivity – if I don’t eat until 11am or later, I find I can get a lot of important stuff done in the morning before the hunger slowly starts to crash my mood a bit.

    To me it seems like apple cider vinegar with lemon would break the fast because it would contain calories. I take a multivitamin every morning but it’s well worth it to prevent brain fog.

    I do like the 16:8 ratio, it works well if you eat from perhaps 8am-4pm or 12pm-8pm. If I don’t have a workout that day I like to stretch out the fasting and eat “lunch” as late as possible, sometimes only having an eating window of 4-6 hours.

    Thanks for the reminders of how great it can be!

    1. Thanks for the feedback Ben. You have made some good points that others can use also. As for the apple cider vinegar, yes it contains a couple calories but you would need a tablespoon full just to get those couple of calories. I would usually have about 1/2 a Tablespoon, the same goes for the lemon juice, which has approximately the same amount of calories as the vinegar, so overall my glass would have a total of about 3-4 calories in it. The benefits of this drink I feel outway the minimal calorie intake. What do you think?

  4. I used to do intermittent fasting with keto. But then discovered I had liver cancer. Had to give up Keto as it is very hard on the liver. Now that I’m better, I’ve wanted to go back. Maybe this is the motivation I need. Thanks!

  5. Thanks for this detailed article on intermittent fasting! I have definitely used the fasting idea loosely before, but its good to have some real guidance and specific ways to achieve results using the fasting method. Thanks so much!

  6. Great article, thank you for sharing your routine and esxperience! I had no idea that I was actually on intermittend fasting!! I never have breakfast. In Italy we eat very late for dinner, so when I wake up I get an espresso and ready to go until lunch. I’m too sleepy to even think about eating, and actually digesting my dinner.
    So you are right, black coffee is delicious if you make it right. I use organic espresso. You can easily fast, it is not really fasting, it is digesting. But maybe I come closer to a 10 hour window of food. We have lunch at 1 pm and dinner around 9.30pm. Do you think this is already beneficial? Thank you for your advise.

    1. Organic espresso is perfect. If you could push your lunch back by an hour and bring dinner forward an hour that would probably work better but the 10 hour window may work for you as well. You need to do what works in with your schedule also. Do you count macros or calories?

  7. Earlier I tried keto diating in the past, but I couldn’t maintain due to my busy schedule, and irregular fooding time. After I read your article, fasting for keto diating I am thinking to follow it again.

    But, I am also thinking how to maintain the routine in a busy schedule!

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