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Hi everyone and welcome to what has become one of my passions and enjoyments.  Something I believe could be of great benefit to many.  Especially those that have had the same or similar experiences as I’ve had.

If you have been looking for a change in your health and wellbeing, want to lose weight or simply find a better and simpler way to stay on course then I believe I can help.  I have been on this path for almost a year now however I saw results in as little as 3 weeks by making just a few simple changes.

I may not have all the answers but I know I can point you in the right direction to help you find what it is that will work for you. I have created this website “My Keto My Family” to provide a place for anybody looking for information, products, recipes and as many answers as possible.  A guide to help you and your family lead a happy and healthy life.

What brought me here?

Throughout my teenage years and into my younger adult years I kept active both personally and professionally, I had a fast paced lifestyle, always on the go. I travelled a lot both within Australia and abroad.  Met people from all walks of life, indulged in many aspects of living, learnt wherever I went and strove to be healthy both in body and mind.

I was very fortunate to have a family life, most notably a mother, who had the greatest of emphasis on eating right.  She had an outlook on life of what was good for the body.  The memory of her is another reason why I know I need to be the best person I can be for her and I want to be seen by my children in the same way.

Now lets fast-forward a bit, into my 30s-

I met my husband, we had two beautiful children and life changed, of course it did, whose life

doesn’t change when starting a family? It is a most exciting time, a whirlwind of emotions, nappies, late nights, early mornings, onto snotty noses, school, sport, activities, birthdays and the list goes on. The time gets away on you, there is no time except for those around you; those that need to be provided for; those that need to be nurtured and helped to grow; oh, and, my husband, or your significant other.

I will just quickly add in here that my husband is a rock and is always there beside me, wiping those noses and driving to those activities.  But it is still hard, tiring and easy to lose the person who you were once. We start to cut corners, look for the easy options and as I have seen time and time again from those around me.

One of the first aspects of life to fall by the wayside is our health and most notably, our diet.  What happens in the kitchen, what is fast and easy seems to be something unhealthy that we are eating. I did it and it took me a long time before I really had to take a long look at what I was doing to myself and my family and I didn’t like it. Something had to change.

So I made changes and I tried a number of different things.

  • I tried going to the gym as much as I could, working around school, getting my husband to take over at home as much as possible so I could.
  • I joined a couple of different online programs, I read about different diets and I tried the quick and easy options like shakes etc

At the end of all this I did not get the results, or the results I did get never lasted. I felt a little like a yo yo.  Well there is a reason many diets are called yo yo diets.  Weight goes up and down!

Then, about a year ago I started to hear a lot more about Keto and started to really research what this was all about, sceptical at first of course, I believe we all start out that way with something new, but I read as much as I could, watched as much as I could and just researched as much as I could.

Then decided to try it and from that point forward, which is about the last 9 months, I have never looked back. I feel better both physically and mentally, I’m most definitely still on my journey but I am at a place that is far better and far more fulfilling and healthy than I have been since I believe I first fell pregnant and started to see my body change.

I want to help others like me

I am passionate about Keto and believe that it is something that can benefit everybody. I’ve learnt on my journey that there is so many levels to a Keto diet. See Ketogenic Diet

Not everyone is the same.  I believe that the individual person needs to find their happy medium with everything they do. Currently there is a massive amount of information online and in the media based around Keto.  Nobody is ever going to be able to read it all and take it all in. This is why I feel that I can help.

I hope to give people like myself a place to go to get quick answers, find the things that are going to make their lives easier and simpler in a good healthy and happy way. I want to be able to help not only yourself but also help you help those around you. This may come in the form of just a simple, but a healthy, meal that your children will like.  One that you can cook for everyone and not be in a situation where you are having to make multiple meals for one sitting.  To please everyone else as well as get the satisfaction that you need yourself.

That’s why I made this site……so you can;

Take your family along for the ride

Be that best version of yourself that you know you once were or always wanted to be. This site is somewhere that you can go to assist us in finding the answers, find some helpful tips and hints and much more.

And the best part to me is that you can assiste me in finding the answers by commenting and asking questions about the information I give you.

I’m glad you are here; we are all here to help each other.


Founder of My Keto My Family